How to Hack Picture-Perfect Skin and More Beauty Tricks We Learned on TikTok

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Including how to get press-on nails to fit perfectly and Glamzilla’s trick for making any lipstick non-transferrable.

Another round of TikTok beauty hacks, anyone? This month’s recap is full of influencer-approved makeup tricks, from rethinking your blush placement to getting a photo-ready glow using bronzer, to Glamzilla’s setting spray technique for lipstick  that doesn’t budge.

As for hair and nails, we’re breaking down how to make *any* set of press-on nails fit perfectly, plus one hair hack curly girls need to try for a more voluminous ponytail.

Snatch your face by “lifting” your blush with concealer

It probably feels like second nature at this point to smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, as so many moms, makeup gurus and big sisters taught us to do at one point or another. But have we been doing it wrong all along? If it’s mega-snatched glam you’re hoping to achieve, then perhaps you have. Rose Siard is currently going TikTok-viral (racking up over one million views, to be precise) for her blush placement sculpting technique, and it’s not hard to see why. By slicing through her blush with a stroke of concealer, she presents instantly chiselled cheeks.

To get Siard’s look, begin by using the bottom of your nostril as a guideline, and apply a swipe of concealer (on top of already applied blush) from your nose to your ear. “Take a small brush, and we’re going to tap around the edges. Then, lightly tap the edges [again] with your foundation brush,” the creator says. When compared to the unfinished side in her TikTok post, her face is visibly lifted, and her blush still looks gorgeous. Oh, the power of product placement!

As seen in Siard’s post, Live Tinted’s Huestick All-Over Color Corrector in the shade “Aura” is a secret makeup weapon. From your eyes to your cheeks, this multi-stick can be applied wherever you need a little tone-balancing touch-up.

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Make any set of press-on nails fit with hot water

To quote @nailevated on TikTok, size matters! The size of your press-on nails, that is. There’s nothing more disheartening than preparing to apply a fresh set of falsies only to find that they’re not a perfect fit.  While you can shop false nails in different sizes, sometimes nails that are naturally curved need a little…customization. Here’s where this seemingly odd, yet effective, hot water hack comes in.

Pour yourself a glass of boiling water. *Carefully* take the individual nail that doesn’t fit, and press it against the outside of the glass for about 10-15 seconds. The result? A softened, but still perfectly intact, nail that’s slightly more malleable and will now fit the exact shape of your natural nail with the help of a little nail glue. Just be sure you’ve got as close to your correct size as possible to begin with.

For a classic press-on manicure, shop Kiss’s Classy Ready-To-Wear nails in the “Dashing” style. Once you’ve size-matched each nail, these long-lasting tips can be further shaped by trimming and filing for a truly customized fit.

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Hack photo-ready glowing skin with a shimmery bronzer

“I don’t know why more people don’t do this in their makeup routine” was the opening line that reeled me in and introduced me to this next clever trick. As I continued watching Rachel Leary’s video, I too found myself wondering why we’re not all dusting a glowy bronzer over our faces for a picture-perfect finish. As a long-time influencer, the proof is in her photos — this transformative tip gives you a gorgeous glow that looks radiant, but not greasy.

Mixing two shimmery bronzer shades, Leary goes in with a blush brush and applies the products to her cheeks and forehead. “I’m being so light on my hand right now, especially on the forehead,” she explains in the post. “I think this makes the biggest difference for the way that your makeup looks in pictures.” She then completes her glam by adding blush as usual, and the final look speaks for itself. Consider me influenced.

To get Leary’s exact look, the first shade you’ll need in your makeup kit is MAC’s “Global Glow” Mineralize Skinfinish Face Powder. When mixed with the “Gold Deposit” shade, you’ll be glowing in no time.

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Try Glamzilla’s setting spray trick for lipstick that won’t move

There are few things more devastating to a lipstick addict than finding a lippie you love doesn’t last long enough on the lips. Fortunately, Canadian influencer Glamzilla just put us on to a setting spray hack that’ll make all of your favourite lipsticks transfer-proof. With nearly one million views on the tutorial, it’s the lipstick hack everyone on the app is rushing to recreate — here’s how she does it.

Once you’ve applied your lipstick, start by blotting some of the product off with a tissue. Next, grab setting spray and spritz away on top of pursed lips. Allow the product a moment to dry, and give it the old tissue test to make sure it won’t budge. And if that weren’t enough, in the comments of her video she revealed that this lip hack works on lip liners, too!

One/Size’s On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray is the key to making this trick work. With its light application and non-sticky finish, you’ll want to set your entire face with this Glamzilla-approved spray while you’re at it.

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Volumize a curly ponytail in seconds with hidden bobby pins

If you’ve ever tried to put curly hair into a ponytail, you know that most of your volume vanishes as soon as you slick your hair back. Where all that volume goes, I wish I knew, but with the aid of one trusty TikTok tutorial by @alysa.jordann, you can hack your way back to a fuller-looking pony. And all you’ll need is two hairpins.

First, gather your hair into a low ponytail at the back of your head as you typically would. Then, taking the top left and right pieces of hair, pin each piece above the ponytail as high or as low as you’d like on either side. And then you have it, a more fanned-out, ultra-poufed pony that looks naturally full-bodied.

Conair’s Pin & Match hair pins are designed to seamlessly blend into hair of all types to make hair styling easy. Plus, they come with a clear, compact case for easy on-the-go storage.

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