Juss Kris

Brooklyn Mover Juss Kris is Constantly “On The Go”


Brooklyn, New York’s Juss Kris, has been successfully navigating the music industry maze for some time. Thanks to her mother’s music collection Juss Kris has been immersed in the art from a young age. Kris’s debut single, “On The Go,” is a story of dedication, self-realization, and a work ethic that’s on steroids.

“On The Go”

Juss Kris wrote the single and it’s produced by Jaekwon Tha Don. The track is a showcase of her unique style and lyrical boldness making one stand up and pay attention, however, there’s more to the title than just a label for a song.

In a career trajectory benchmark that sees her expand into the business side of the “biz” through N’Kogneto Entertainment, owned by Jaekwon Tha Don, Juss Kris steps into the role of both artist and co-owner. Adding the role of music executive to her wheelhouse adds perspective to the new cut.

Distributed by GRAMMY Award-winner Paul Ring’s Bungalo imprint, which has been exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group for more than two decades, Juss Kris is ready to do her part in adding to the narrative around female rappers contributing to the fabric of today’s music.

Connections Can Make a Difference

During the mixing and mastering process in Calabasas, California, Juss Kris’s talent caught the attention of GRAMMY Award-winning mixer Rome Palermo. Rome’s endorsement led to a pivotal meeting with music industry legend Paul Ring, ANOTHER GRAMMY winner, and CEO of Bungalo Music and Film (formerly Bungalo Records), igniting a path for Juss Kris to take her place center stage.

Impact Video

The music video for “On The Go” is a fun key-stop tour, and was shot in iconic locations across Brooklyn and Harlem, adding another level of value to Juss Kris’s narrative. Directed by Jaekwon Tha Don, the video is on point with the song’s vibe. The DP gave an awesome perspective of the title and content in the choice of lens, filter, and composition. I enjoyed the mind mapping in the editorial cuts!

One to Watch

“On The Go” is a good glimpse into this artist and it could very well be that Juss Kris is one of those names we’ll mention well into the future…she’s off to a dynamic start.

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