Beacon Audiobooks Releases “The Awakened Soul” By Author Lynn Patner


In Patner’s debut book, “The Awakened Soul,” she shares funny and moving stories of how she found her own form mysticism and how she learned to heal herself, and shows clients how to do the same. We learn how our mindsets are shaped and programmed by our earliest years of life and serve as our personal life compass. In order to affect meaningful changes in our life, we must learn and become aware of our unconscious programming to step into the life we desire.

By stepping out onto your path of enlightenment, your journey will be supported tenfold in surprising and exciting ways.

The journey goes by faster and easier if we let go of our perceived control over the outcome and allow our guides to assist us. All one has to do is say, “I am ready to step into the world of discovering who I am and why I was born.”

The world is waiting for you all to remember who you are. Let go, and set your intention to be the Light Being that you are. As you heal yourself, you heal the world with your love. So be it.

Lynn Patner, M.S.W., is a warm, funny, insightful, and compassionate teacher. A certified hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner, Lynn’s studies include Native American traditions, Shamanism, Eastern traditions, and a variety of energy therapies and healing practices. She weaves all of these disciplines into comprehensible teachings, providing tools to share with her clients and students. Lynn gives to those that wish to learn more, a sense of purpose and balance toward creating the life you have always desired, guiding them to experience the brilliance of their own inner light. Her mission in life is to assist others on the journey of awakening to their unlimited potentials and the uniqueness of their own being.

As a social worker and children’s advocate for San Mateo County Children and Family Services, Lynn’s years of experience in working with individuals and families that are going through very difficult life transitions has given her a deep level of compassion and respect for others and their individual life journeys. Her clear presence with others, in individual sessions and through workshops and seminars, comes forth in the knowing that every individual is unique, and carries within them a deep reservoir of wisdom.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Awakened Soul: Discovering the Light Within” written by author Lynn Patner and narrated by Katie Dwyer. Download your copy on Audible today:

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