Coaching Model: FLOWER


A Coaching Model Created by Hiroshi Ito
(Personal Development Coach, JAPAN)

Personal Development Coaching Model Hiroshi Ito

Flowers enrich your mind.

When I was in my undergraduate and postgraduate programs at university, I studied life sciences, specifically orchid biology. Orchids are so beautiful. My professor told me,

Food is necessary for our bodies, and flowers enrich our minds.

I have been a research administrator at a research institute in Japan for about 20 years. The institute conducts cutting-edge research in various fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, medical science, computational science, and engineering. I am passionate about supporting scientists. So, I would like to contribute to professionals in academic and research fields with my coaching.

Scientists are always exposed to huge pressures due to research funding budgets, employment duration, time constraints, and so on. In addition to that, it is more stressful for foreign researchers to adapt to local life, culture, and language. 

I worked in the US as an Administrative Manager (expat) for about three years. Intercultural communication with local colleagues was more difficult than I thought. Moreover, it was hard for my family to adjust to living there, especially coping with the different education styles and medical systems. However, thanks to “My Coach”, I could find new perspectives and the courage to move forward. Finally, my family and I were able to survive and had a good time there.

Although it was also incredibly challenging to relocate my whole family from the US back to Japan under the pandemic, the coaching kept us on the right track, and we were able to set up our new life more smoothly. I really appreciate the coaching magic!

Integrating these experiences, I named my coaching model FLOWER. Like beautiful flowers, this model will enrich your mind and support your dreams.

The FLOWER Model

Find your goals.

Daily work and life make us unclear about our goals and dreams. It is a good time to stop for a while and explore your ideal status. Unlike in work environments, you can express your dreams freely in coaching sessions.

Learn where you are now.

Once you make your goal clear, you learn your current spot to reaching that goal. It enhances your awareness to focus on your destination.

Observe your resources.

In many cases, you have more resources, such as skills, knowledge, experiences, networks, supporters, etc., than you think. Those are your strengths and encourage you to move forward.

Work out your action plans.

Based on the previous 3 steps, you work out your action plans from now. In many cases, you can find new ideas compared to at the beginning of the session.

Execute your plans.

Now you execute plans that you set. Even if it is a baby step, stick to the plan. Note that it is ok if you cannot implement your plans as expected. It is more important to learn from your actions.

Reflect on what you have done.

In and between coaching sessions, you can learn what you have done and apply what you have learned to the next steps.

I strongly believe that everyone has their own beautiful flower, and you can make it bloom with the FLOWER model. You are the flower in your life. And the model will make it bloom faster, more gorgeously, and brilliantly!

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